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Road Trip: Student ambassadors impressed with DP presentations (read more)


DP Road Trip


Student ambassadors impressed with DP presentations 


Written by: Tony Quattrochi, Director of Alumni Relations


Four members of the St. Joseph High School Ambassadors organization visited Divine Providence School in Westchester in early March to assist with its seventh grade history fair. The SJHS students, along with their moderator, social studies teacher Vic Zitzer, completed evaluations as they went from one presentation to another. 

“All of the projects were outstanding,” Mr. Zitzer said. “The displays were great, the presentations were nicely executed, but what I was really impressed with was the students’ in-depth research and the citations they provided. Very well done!”


The Chargers were equally impressed.


“The projects were very detailed with great sources,” said Westchester freshman Vince McDowell.


“The visual displays were very good,” said Westchester sophomore Jimmy Milas.


“The students were very connected to their projects,” said Berwyn junior Nessa Walsh. “They seemed sincerely interested in their work.”


“The students spoke with confidence,” added Westchester senior Taylor Griggs. “The projects were advanced and impressive.”


Mr. Zitzer was also pleased with the ambassadors representing St. Joes.


“Our students took the responsibility seriously. They saw the value in the Divine Providence students’ preparation and presentations. Most of all, I think they were sensitive to the stress that all of us feel when we are speaking before others. I was very proud of our ambassadors.”


Congratulations, DP Crusaders and SJ Chargers, on a job well done!


Ambassadors (pictured left to right): Vic Zitzer, moderator, Nessa Walsh (Berwyn), Kayla Johnston (Westchester), Jimmy Milas (Westchester), Sisi Gomez (Cicero), Izabella Zuno (Stickney), Vince McDowell (Westchester), Kerilyn Mirabelli (Berwyn), Emory Marshall (Broadview), Taylor Griggs (Westchester).